Beat Blast is currently being developed and will be out on steam early access in summer 2019!
It is a music maker bullet hell. Create your own song while defeating dungeons full of enemies.



Quick Drop is a small mobile game. You control an elevator tasked to move as many passengers to their designated floors as possible before they grow impatient.  Our stated goal was to create “A one tap mobile game with depth,”. The game was prototyped at the Toronto Global Game Jam 2016 and is now out for Android and iOS.

Quick Drop is the elevator simulator game you never knew you wanted. Dropping off passengers on different floors might seem simple at the outset, but limited space and passenger discontent create a strategic experience unlike any other. The game based off of an elevator pitch.



Block Swop’s main mechanic is changing rooms while the player stays in the same location. An old school aesthetic with new puzzles. Move your green character to the gold, traversing through spikes, canons while solving puzzles. A puzzle game that teaches the player and challenges them. A focus on a slowly rising progressing difficulty curve.

Progress through the levels, learning something new each time. The games main emphasis is on its 80 puzzle designs. Introducing a new mechanic every ten levels. It's a free game with hours of content. Great music and puzzles to enjoy! OUT NOW!