Quick Drop is a small mobile game. You control an elevator tasked to move as many passengers to their designated floors as possible before they grow impatient.  Our stated goal was to create “A one tap mobile game with depth,”. The game was prototyped at the Toronto Global Game Jam 2016 and is now out for Android and iOS.

Quick Drop is the elevator simulator game you never knew you wanted. Dropping off passengers on different floors might seem simple at the outset, but limited space and passenger discontent create a strategic experience unlike any other. The game based off of an elevator pitch.



Try achieving a new high score and compete with others on global leaderboards. A simple looking game that is surprisingly difficult and addictive.

Fast Facts:

  • Developer: Woolly Walrus Games, Toronto, Canada

  • Release Date: May 3

  • Website: woollywalrusgames.com

  • Price: Free

  • Availability: Google Play, App Store

  • Game Type: Mobile Arcade game

  • Rated: E for everyone

  • Press Contact: [email protected]

  • Twitter: @WoollyWalrusinc

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