Resources gathered game developing over the past year

Here is a list of resources we have collected over the last year of indie game development. A range of marketing, design, contracts, kickstarters and trailers. I have read and watched so much on games recently, these are some of my favorite links. Enjoy!

Contract Generator:

Contacting Press:

Game Resources:

kickstarter plan overview:

kick starter guide:

Game Trailer:

Steam green light:

youtube gamer list:

PR podcast:

Possible game sound:

Top 100 twitch streamers:

youtube twitch marketing:

Game competitions:

Alpha Beta Gamer: can host our beta on their sight

Design game loops:

Indie press websites:

Pax east post modem:

Indie journalists:

quick pr work shop video:

Twitter do’s:

Blogger guy:

Gif maker:

Gif maker cropped already:

pr for 0$:

8 tips for a smooth launch to your indie game:

Publisher pitch: