Block Swop’s main mechanic is changing rooms while the player stays in the same location. An old school aesthetic with new puzzles. Move your green character to the gold, traversing through spikes, canons while solving puzzles. A puzzle game that teaches the player and challenges them. A focus on a slowly rising progressing difficulty curve.

Progress through the levels, learning something new each time. The games main emphasis is on its 80 puzzle designs. Introducing a new mechanic every ten levels. It's a free game with hours of content. Great music and puzzles to enjoy! OUT NOW!


Fast Facts:

  • Developer: Woolly Walrus Games, Toronto, Canada

  • Release Date: iOS OUT NOW !

  • Website:

  • Price: Free

  • Availability: iOS app store

  • Game Type: Mobile Puzzler

  • Rated: E for everyone

  • Press Contact: [email protected]

  • Twitter: @WoollyWalrusinc

We made this game because we felt like we could add something new to the mobile puzzle game genre. We wanted to put a twist on the old retro puzzle games we played as kids. We introduce a new mechanic every ten levels to keep the game fresh and engaging. 

In levels 1-20 the player is introduced to all the core mechanics. In level 21 the player faces persistent blocks that change rooms with you. In level 31 we put in power switches that affect the persistent blocks. Level 41 introduces conveyor belts, and 51 brings in power switches that reverse the direction of conveyors. Levels 61-80 combine all the mechanics together for the ultimate test. 

This is the first game we've released and it feels amazing to complete it. The game started at the 2015 Global Game Jam in Toronto. We liked how the game jam turned out, so we decided to continue developing it. Its been just about a year and now the game is done. We are excited to see the response to Block Swop. Play it and let us know what you think!

Special thank you to Jake Butineau for the awesome music and to Chris Young for his help.