Block Swop Update

We have just about finished all of the puzzle designs. We are currently working on implementing our menus. Music and sound effects are on their way. Some small bugs here and there. We hope to start a closed beta in about 2-3 weeks. After the closed beta we will be contacting the press and giving them early releases. Then Block Swop will be released into the wild!

We are really excited to be releasing our first game and app. A lot of work has gone in and we are trying to get the game as perfect as possible.

Resources gathered game developing over the past year

Here is a list of resources we have collected over the last year of indie game development. A range of marketing, design, contracts, kickstarters and trailers. I have read and watched so much on games recently, these are some of my favorite links. Enjoy!

Contract Generator:

Contacting Press:

Game Resources:

kickstarter plan overview:

kick starter guide:

Game Trailer:

Steam green light:

youtube gamer list:

PR podcast:

Possible game sound:

Top 100 twitch streamers:

youtube twitch marketing:

Game competitions:

Alpha Beta Gamer: can host our beta on their sight

Design game loops:

Indie press websites:

Pax east post modem:

Indie journalists:

quick pr work shop video:

Twitter do’s:

Blogger guy:

Gif maker:

Gif maker cropped already:

pr for 0$:

8 tips for a smooth launch to your indie game:

Publisher pitch: